The Lund University Robotics Laboratory is co-owned by Dept. Automatic Control and Dept. Computer Science and is centered around industrial manipulators with open control system architectures. In Robotics Lab, we have several generations of robots from an old ABB IRB6 robot, an ABB IRB2000 robot, an ABB Irb2400 (S4C+) to the more modern ABB IRB140 (IRC5), Gantry-Tau robot (IRC5) and the dual-arm robots ABB FRIDA and YuMi. Hardware interfaces have been developed to create an open system suitable for control experiments (Orca/Orcinus). The computer hardware is either PCI-based with both microprocessors and signal processors integrated into an embedded system for hard realtime control in one of the labs and integrated with an additional PCI-based G4 PowerPC for the new Open Control system based on S4CPlus and the newly developed networked architecture running on Linux/Xenomai-platforms. The house-made sensor software interface ExtCtrl facilitates high-bandwidth feedback control base on work-space sensing.


Robotics Laboratory has previously contributed to the European robotics-oriented projects SARAFun, AutoFett, SMErobot, ROSETTA, COMET, PRACE, SMErobotics, Flexi-Fab and to adaptive control and nonlinear control in the European projects NACO2, HYCON.