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Videos Robotics Week 2020

On this page, we show English-language films from the robot lab that were made for the Robotics Week 2020. The films are aimed at, among others, high school students, university students and the general public.

Swedish-language films aimed at a younger audience are available at

Robotics research: Bluelining for installation of equipment at MAX IV

Alina Andersson is a research engineer at MAX IV at Lund University. The video tells how to proceed today to mark with high accuracy how equipment is to be installed in the plant's laboratories. A master thesis project has now developed a mobile robot that, based on a drawing, can do the same task with the same accuracy.

In a Swedish-language video Lisa Klinghav explains how as a part of her master thesis project developed the Bluelining robot. []

Robotics Research: Human-Robot-Interaction with Elin Anna Topp

Elin Anna Top is a an associate professor in computer science at LTH, Lund University. In this video she explains her research interest in human-robot interaction.

A Swedish-language variant of the interview, and a demonstration of how to program a two aremed industy robot to pic building blocks is availible at

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